Monday, July 18, 2011

Green Arrow vs Christian Fundamentalists

The bad thing about having a lot of different things to do is that often times I don't a chance to read my comic-books until weeks after everyone else has, so I'm constantly catching-up. The worst part is when I'm late on discovering interesting things like this current issue of Green Arrow, (which went on sale June 22).

I wanted to bring it to your attention because in this issue, Green Arrow is up against some Christian Fundamentalists extremists who are using "high-tech equipment." Near the beginning of the issue we meet Federal Marshal Haley Donovan who has recruited Green Arrow to help them transfer a prisoner, the Reverend Billy Miggs. Green Arrow, being the bleeding-heart liberal that he is, knows the Reverend as the head of a church called, "The Southern Order of Change." Donovan says, "Yup. Except it's not a church anymore. Two months ago, my office classified it as a militia. A couple of days ago, they became terrorists."

Apparently, the Reverend and his followers killed nine people when he "orchestrated the simultaneous attack of several organizations that he targeted as 'sinful.'" What they don't tell us, but what is very clear, is that one of the "organizations" that was targeted was an abortion clinic! In fact, the very first page of the story, is composed of four panels, in which the first three, we see a young woman and a doctor talking about medical history. Then, all of a sudden, there is an explosion in the last panel. It is not until about four pages later that we can piece together how that first page fits into the rest of the story. I find it pretty interesting, although not unusual, that they just couldn't say that the Reverend was blowing up abortion clinics and killing doctors because that is what these extremists right-winger types do!

Anyway, when I last left Green Arrow, he was not doing so well. He has a hell of a fight coming at him next issue, which should be out July 27. Stay tuned, or better yet, get the issue yourself when it comes out.

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