Monday, June 6, 2011

Thoughts on Coldplay & Palestine

So, last week I noticed a flurry of tweets on my Twitter timeline about the band Coldplay and Palestine. I don't know much about Coldplay, but I do know that they are a very popular band. Turns out they posted a link on their Facebook page to a video/song called "Freedom for Palestine," which I thought was pretty righteous of them. A lot of other people thought it was awesome too, but there were also a lot of other people (i.e. Zionists) who didn't think it was cool. All in all, there were about 7,000 comments/responses to that post. (See pic of post below).

Well, today, there are some news sources reporting that the band has removed the post from their Facebook page without explanation. I was getting ready to think they were really wack for retreating on that stance, but a fellow Twitter friend reminded me that, although the band did remove the post, they have not apologized for it. (For all we know, they might have taken it down because people were getting too vulgar with their comments). She also suggested that people go on Coldplay's facebook page and support them by letting them know they did a good thing by posting that link.

To check out the "Freedom for Palestine" video, go here:

UPDATE: It's being reported that the link was actually removed by Facebook because it had been reported as offensive (probably by Zionists).

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